Office Policies (FAQ)


Appointments: Length

Out of respect for each client, we work hard to keep your appointments within the length of time scheduled. Should we be close to the end of our scheduled time yet have more to discuss, you may choose to extend the appointment if our schedule allows in 15 minute blocks. The additional time will be billed at your attorney's regular hourly rate.

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Appointments: Scheduling

Cancellations: please call as soon as you are aware you need to cancel your appointment. Please read our cancellation policy for more information.

Late arrival: clients who arrive late will have the remainder of their appointment time available to them and if the schedule allows may reserve additional time at the attorney's regular hourly rate.

Promptness: The attorney attempts to arrive promptly for your appointment, however should the attorney need to reschedule, we will do so as soon as your and our schedules allow with no penalty to you. If the attorney begins the appointment late, you will have the option of using your entire allotted length of time even though it extends beyond the scheduled period, paying only for the amount of time used, or rescheduling with no penalty.

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Cancellation Policy

Your appointment precludes us from doing work for another person, so we request you let us know as soon as you can if you need to cancel or reschedule, preferably 2 business days in advance.

We understand emergencies and we have them as well. We are happy to reschedule and will do so without any penalty, though we reserve the right to require a nonrefundable deposit if you--on short notice--ask to reschedule more than one appointment. The deposit will be applied toward the cost of the appointment.

Should we arrive for your appointment and you are not available, you will need to pay a cancellation fee in order to reschedule.

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Initial Consultations serve as introductory meetings. These appointments are limited to 15 minutes by phone so that you and we can determine whether we are able to help you. We are not always the right attorney for you and may decline to assist you for a variety of reasons including a conflict of interest (due to other clients) or because your needs are not services that we provide.

Planning meetings are conducted most often in person or by video conference and are billed at a flat fee. These meetings are a time where you and the attorney are gathering detailed information regarding your matter and the first stages of work occur.

The planning meeting fee is applied to the total cost of services once you return your signed engagement agreement.

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Payment Schedules

We recognize that legal expenses are often high. The following payment policies are designed to help you pay the cost of the work.

All clients must put down a deposit, which varies according to the type of work you need. All deposits are held in trust until we earn the fee. Fees are considered earned when the first draft is done and given to you for review or when a milestone is reached.

Estate plans may pay in the following way:

  • Pay in full at the beginning before work begins.
  • 1/2 of the total cost at the beginning before work begins; 1/2 when we sign your documents.
  • 1/3 of the total cost at the beginning; 1/3 15 days after the first payment at which point you will receive your first drafts of your documents. Final 1/3 on the day we sign your documents. A credit card authorization is required for this option.

Probate clients must provide a minimum $3,500 security deposit. This may vary depending on your matter.

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Lindsey S. Drake             $350 per hour
Emergency/after hours:  $450 per hour*

Support Staff                  $150 per hour
Rush fees                        30% increase on flat fee


Filing fees                      Cost to firm
Other Expenses            Cost to firm

*Attorneys and staff have flexible schedules and may choose to work at any time during a day rather than on a set schedule. Emergency or after hours’ work is performed at your request and not based on the attorney’s chosen time. We may use this increased rate where you ask us to complete work faster than is typical; we will only work at the increased rate after giving you advance notice.

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