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To provide excellent service, Drake Law, PLLC focuses on three areas of law. If you are looking for another kind of lawyer or aren't sure who you need, visit our Resources page for a list of attorneys and business with whom we have a relationship. Other options are:

Austin Lawyer Referral Service
Solo/Small firm Section of the Austin Bar Association

We don't endorse any company, however we will make introductions for you to interview if the lawyer is a good match for your needs.

If cost is an issue, you may qualify for reduced-fee services through the Linrya Justice Center, Inc or the Austin Lawyer Referral Service, and qualified low-income clients should contact Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the preparation of a will, perhaps a trust, and impaired judgment documents (durable power of attorney, medical power of attorney, directive to physicians (a.k.a. living will) and a declaration of guardianship.

It can be simple or complex, during a consultation we will discuss your goals and convert those into the simplest documents we can.

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Elder Law

Elder law is a broad area of the law and covers legal issues related to aging and disability. It is a holistic approach examining everything from estate planning documents, to the appropriateness of living situations, to Medicaid pre-planning and qualification.

Elder law also includes issues related to elder abuse and conflicts among adult children, but Drake Law, PLLC connects callers to attorneys who are trial lawyers. If the conflict is not intense, we can introduce family mediators who specialize in the dynamics of caring for an aging relative.

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Probate is the court process of transferring a person's assets after death to his beneficiaries or heirs. There are many means of doing this including:

  • Independent Administration: a will exists, an executor is appointed to handle the business of the estate.
  • Muniment of title: a will exists, no executor is appointed because the estate has no business other than basic transfers of bank accounts or real estate.
  • Depending administration: no will, an administrator is appointed and monitored by the court.
  • Small estate affidavit: no will, a person's estate is small and there are few heirs.
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