Will & Powers of Attorney

A will is a statement regarding who inherits your property and how it will be managed. Let's talk about how to make your wishes known, or you can read what Texas has written for you.

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We will assess the available options for probate of your loved-one's estate including reviewing the will or discussing what happens when a person dies without a will. Let's find out if a simpler version of probate, like a small estate affidavit or a muniment of title, is right for you.

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Lindsey Drake
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Lindsey Drake
Lindsey Drake

How we work

We make house or office calls and don't have a physical office. With advance preparation, we can do the entire estate plan in one long appointment, but most clients prefer the two/three meeting approach:

  1. a planning meeting
  2. a mid-point review for Q&A, and
  3. a meeting to sign documents.

Most of our work with probate clients is done via email, phone, or text. We rely heavily on technology so we can work with clients who are not always in Central Texas.

Even a simple plan needs a professional touch

It's a sad truth that lack of planning and lack of proper planning are the top two causes of increased lawyer costs. Poor planning means more work; more work means more expense.

Not having a will means that state law controls who receives your property, and it isn't always who you think. Writing your own will or getting something off the internet is risky because neither of those sources understands Texas law the way a Texas lawyer does. We work hard to know what questions to ask and how to write so that your wishes are made reality.

Exclusively web-based, we use technology to bring the work to you. First appointments and meetings are by phone or Skype, final meetings are at your office or convenient locations around the city.


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