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**UPDATE** August 1, 2017

Lindsey Drake has joined The Fowler Law Firm as the Elder Lawyer. Schedule appointments to meet with her there at 512-441-1411 or email her. Current clients may choose to continue with Drake Law, PLLC until the work is complete or switch to The Fowler Law Firm with its more extensive resources.

For simple wills and powers of attorney, visit the Linrya Justice Center, Inc, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization or check out our Express Estate Plan.

learn, plan, protect

Whether a simple will or a detailed review for Medicaid or trust needs, we are dedicated to helping you understand the legal process of estate planning.

Estate Planning

Do you need a will or trust, or is your plan over 5 years old? Have you signed powers of attorney?

You should review your plan regularly and update it at least after every birth, death, marriage, or divorce in your core family.


Elder Law

Is your parent concerned about Medicaid? Are you concerned about dementia or memory loss?

Through careful analysis of income, care needs, assets, and expenses, we help clients qualify for Medicaid Long-term Care assistance programs.



Has the bank asked for "letters" to close Mom's accounts? Do you need to sell a house but can't find a will? Are you named the executor?

Almost every probate procedure requires a lawyer; start with a consultation to know when and how to act.


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