Estate Planning Forms

Estate Planning Information 2020 - planning sheet for a single person for a will and powers of attorney

Estate Planning Information Spousal 2020 - planning sheet for a couple for wills and powers of attorney

Inheritance Calculator - For Excel nerds, enter data on your assets to see how much each beneficiary would receive

Property Inventory - Simple spreadsheet to collect basic information about your property and assets

Texas Lawyers Creed - ethical obligations under which all Texas Lawyers must operate

AARP Reference Guide for agents under a power of attorney

What It Means to be a Trustee - ACTEC

Tool Kit for Health Care Advance Planning from the American Bar Association

Advanced Directive for Mental Health Treatment from Disability Rights Texas

Probate Forms

Tx DMV Beneficiary Form - Permits a vehicle owner to designate a beneficiary on the car title. Transfer happens automatically at death of the vehicle owner and eliminates the need for probate for the vehicle.

Probate Inventory-Administration - This is an Excel spreadsheet to be used to gather property information for an independent or dependent administration. You can start with this sheet or use the next sheet at the beginning of your probate process.

Probate Inventory-Small Estate Affidavit - This is an Excel spreadsheet to be used to gather property information for a small estate affidavit or an affidavit of facts/heirship. This is a good place to begin.

Debt pro rata worksheet - Should Decedent have more debt than property, you may have to settle the estate pro rata (proportionally). Use this form to help you determine how much each debt may receive. This is for notes only.

Guide for an Independent Executor - published by the Travis County Probate Court