Flat Fee

We use flat fee pricing structures in all aspects of the work we do except for a dependent administration procedure (the courts require hourly invoicing).

Why flat fees?

Hourly billing means you don't know what to expect when you receive your invoice each month. Instead of dreading the email from the lawyer, we use flat fees so that you are certain of the cost at the outset. Flat fees are based on the value of the service rather than the time spent on the work. We have found that not only do our clients feel more relaxed knowing the scope of the work, we are also more relaxed about taking the time necessary to do accurate work. We don't worry about a timer running in the background and it frees our minds to do the appropriate research on each client's case.

Our value pricing of work is determined by a reasonable fee structure based on the code of conduct governing lawyers. The fee is based on a time calculation of how much time it takes for a reasonable attorney to complete a task and the value the attorney brings to the matter.