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  • 17 Jun 2017 10:51 PM | Lindsey Drake (Administrator)

    Pet owners have made a special commitment to what is considered by law to be personal property. But to pet parents, our animals are family. So how do you give your pets using a will?

    1. Include pets with remaining property in what's often called a residuary clause. A residuary, or remainder clause, says most simply: all my remaining property goes to June Jones. The person who inherits, your beneficiary, receives your pets along with your other property.

    2. Make pets a specific gift. You can name a specific person who will receive your pets. This person should be willing to accept the responsibility and if you have the resources, you might leave a sum of money also to assist with the pets’ care.

    3. Include a pet trust in your will. A pet trust is a specific part of your will that describes in detail who you will name to be the caretaker and beneficiary, who will manage the money for the beneficiary, and who will supervise to ensure that the caretaker is properly caring for the animals. A pet trust has restrictions and is legally enforceable if the beneficiary or trustee misbehave.

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