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In order to provide my best service, clients requesting help with an elder matter should contact me at The Fowler Law Firm either by email or call 512-441-1411.

Thank you,
Lindsey Drake

Elder Law

Elder law is a holistic service, assessing the client’s needs as a whole rather than focusing on a piece at a time.

We help families with:

  • Medicaid qualification and asset protection
  • Medicaid applications
  • Qualified Income Trusts
  • Guidance to trustees and fiduciaries
  • Identifying available services and programs for care
  • Special or Supplemental Needs Trusts

This work is billed under our hourly fee provisions.

Cost of services varies.

Hourly Fee Provisions. When providing legal services on an “hourly fee” basis, we may provide an estimated fee (either orally or in writing), based on the information you provide and the specific documents or services you request. However, our actual fee is a reasonable fee based primarily upon the hours we spend: drafting instruments, researching legal issues, consulting with you or with others on your behalf—in person or over the phone, etc. We charge our time in minimum units of 1/10 hour--6 minutes.


Contact Lindsey Drake at The Fowler Law Firm or 512-441-1411

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